It Can Be Quite Lonely When You’re A Senior

A middle aged son went to visit his folks just the other day. Interestingly enough, it was him who was spoiled. A fine dinner of roast, salad, warm vegetables, and a slice or two of freshly baked chocolate cake as part of the dessert, baked just an hour or two before the son’s arrival on a whim, but never on a wing and prayer, by the son’s elderly mother. Actually, the chicken was not roasted in the traditional manner.

Out in the back of the yard, even with Jack Frost nipping at his hands, the old man was barbecuing the chicken. No wonder it tasted so fine and crispy. Anyhow, these are one of the lucky middle class families. They have been able to secure themselves financially and that allows them to cater well for their health and wellbeing. But even so, the son’s aged mother still had this to say; that no matter what, it really is hairy scary.

You have reached a stage where anything could go wrong. It worries you so much. What’s your health going to be like tomorrow. And what’s eating you this time, what’s that pain you’re feeling, that sort of thing. So, without any form of senior companion care services in sebastian fl, imagine what it must be like for those elderly folks who are nowhere near as privileged as this ‘boy’s’ mother and father.

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But he knows, and they know as well, and even though they are in a position to prepare themselves for it, it still scares them, that the point of no return will have to be breached by them as well, at a time of life when they are no longer able to fend for themselves.