You might not be able to make it that far, no matter how hard you have tried. But still, after trying your very best, you still have ambitions or a strong desire to work in the field of pharmacy. If you are not yet able to qualify in full as a pharmacist, you could always start life in this area as the pharmacist’s assistant, or a pharmaceutical assistant. See this as a form of apprenticeship. It could still be a stepping stone to that higher qualification.

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Your high school grades could still be strong enough for you to enter the pharmacy school in Las Vegas. For now you still need to examine the requirements for getting into the school. You might also wish to go over the job criteria just to make certain that pharmacy work is still going to be the right career option for you. Also, finding a retail or clinical pharmacist who is prepared to put up with you for a few months to a year or so is also essential.

Part of your studies as a pharmacy assistant will require on the job training. This would have also been the case if you were studying to become a fully qualified pharmacist. You can equate this to serving out an internship. Your minimum education requirement for now is your high school diploma. It would also be of use if you are able to complete a certificate program. Now, if you had not done so at high school level, you need to be prepared for this.

Be prepared to take courses in math, anatomy and physiology. The internship or on the job training remains important too in order for you to gain the necessary practical experience. A good stint at this point will be healthy for your future resume. Working as a pharmacy assistant or pharmacy technician you will be providing administrative support to the resident pharmacist. Also be prepared to be good with or around people.

Because in this job you will be required to provide non-medical customer and/or patient support at retail pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, or wherever you choose to work or are granted your first job opportunity. With your high school experience being the absolute minimum as qualifying criteria, you should still try to get into college. Because it is here that you can take up a pharmacy technology certificate course at a college that offers the training.

The certificate programs usually run for two years. Once you have completed your two-year stint, you might also find that your grades are strong enough to pursue further studies, and that could take you further along the way towards becoming a full-time and qualified pharmacist. For most job seekers, potential earnings are always on their minds. That is understandable, but rest assured that starting salaries as a pharmacist’s assistant are not bad at all.

But do be warned. This is still a vocational work and you should always be prepared to go beyond the call of duty.